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I am the son and the heir

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I am the son and heir

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He blinks for a bit and speaks slowly, “I don’t… really mind unannounced visits…” Dia grins slightly and points to the dining table as he walks towards the door looking out almost just hoping for more random surprises to happen.

Looking away sheepishly, he scratches the back of his head soon closing the door to the house. Turning back, he goes back to the kitchen deciding to make hot chocolate for Silver and himself.

"To be honest, I was surprised at you appearing at my door from Johto, but then I didn’t mind! Really, it’s nothing to be worried about." Mixing the chocolate powder for a bit, he subconsciously hummed the opening to the Proteam Omega show as he busied himself with boiling the water and pouring the powder in. The water boiled a bit and he kept stirring until he poured it into two glasses. Holding it lightly in worry of them spilling, the boy walks slowly to the table to set it down on the table.

"Here you go, Silver-san…" He pushed the glass gently towards the Exchanger and walked back to the kitchen  "I guess I really needed some company at the moment! So it was a great time to come by to stay for a while…!"


The pot of stew was still hot and coming close to warm, so the boy decided to bring it to the table so they could eat. If he and Silver didn’t finish it, he’ll probably save some from Mom if she comes back from the errands. Grabbing a plate he slightly stares at the stew with his mouth slightly watering… He blinks again soon wiping his mouth ferociously and suddenly says out of the blue, “I wonder if their hungry….?

Luckily the younger made it clear he didn’t seem to mind the fact that Silver had arrived unannounced— It was a relief to his ears and saved him from the bitter cold outside he had spent the time to walk through to get to the small town in Sinnoh. While it wasn’t that far from Sandgem town, he still had to walk for a while before reaching here and getting the courage to knock on the door and see if the other Dexholder was home. It wasn’t the Exchanger to do something like this, but it wasn’t often he came to Sinnoh, let alone got to see Diamond since their regions were so far away from each other.

Slowly, the redhead walked inside when Diamond pointed inside, kicking the snow off of his shoes first before doing so. Considering how warm it was in the house, walking around the house with the lingering snow on his shoes would track water and he didn’t want to do that… With this in mind, Silver slipped out of his boots before walking towards the dining table and quiet pulling a chair out to sit, setting the bag he carried with him on the table to let his attention focus on the other as he made hot chocolate. Hearing the familiar tune of Proteam Omega, Silver couldn’t help but smile a little and resist the urge to hum himself along with him.

Gently accepting the cup when it’s given to him, the heir stared down at the contents and waited a moment for the warmth to sink into his hands hidden behind black gloves before lifting it to take a sip. It was a welcoming warmth in contrast to the coldness from outside, warming his insides and shoving away the cold that had a hold on his bones. Though… He said he was happy to have the company? Did that mean he was alone right now? Mercurial optics watches from behind the cup he still had hovering in front of his lips before he set it down to offer a smile. “I’m glad I can keep you company, Dia.” It’s better than being alone, after all.

Though, he couldn’t help but perk up a little when the Empathizer spoke aloud, head canting just a bit in curiosity at his words in the midst of Diamond seeming to drool over the food he had cooked. ‘They’… Maybe he meant his pokemon, perhaps? “… Are you talking about your pokemon?”

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Had he heard right a moment ago? Did Silver just say that he considered gym challenges a waste of time? Oh, how wonderful! Finally a person with common sense, what a joy! Of course he still had to mention those obnoxious trainers that intended to become champion, but it was a beginning! It indeed encouraged the brunet to show a more relaxed smile as he continued to take the lead, guiding Silver through the outskirts of Mistralton. Houses became less and less, where as the sound of planes took up more space — such was to be expected if you passed by the airport, right? It was one of the more interesting things this city had to offer; aside from the dangerous cannons of the gym. She still had cannons, right…? Or did Skyla actually change the layout of her gym? Hm, maybe he should keep an eye out for information like that. It never hurt to know what the stupid gym leaders were up to. Either way, Touya hummed quietly before he offered the stoic redhead a short nod. “I agree! The gyms get way too much importance, anyway. They shouldn’t be that important,” he uttered quickly, all the while keeping his gaze on the road.

Could he voice more of his thoughts without being dubbed an idiot? A maniac and crazy person? It had happened so many times in the past, because no one liked to admit that they were in the wrong. The trainers were unwilling to accept the truth for what it was, that they were forcing their Pokémon — their friends — to battle when some of them didn’t even want to do that. It was disgusting, upsetting and in need of change. Yes, he needed to urge his Lord to finally make a move again! They needed to become active if they wanted to change things… He was sick of working in the shadows, only causing passive damage that didn’t matter in the long run anyway.

"To be honest, I tried to challenge the gyms when I was younger. But… It just wasn’t my thing," Touya shrugged with a deep sigh, still feeling some guilt whenever he thought about it. "I mean— My friends got hurt in battles. For a selfish thing I wanted, right? Trainers rarely ever ask their friends what they want and just expect them to battle every single time they’re released from the confinement of the pokéball." Disgusting and annoying. If only pokéballs didn’t exist, maybe people would come to realise that they weren’t needed in the first place. But ah, he better shut up now before Silver thought anything weird about him! ♪ Fortunately, he didn’t need to think long for a change of subject, for they had reached the end of town. Nice, he could already see the entrance to Chargestone Cave! Hopefully there wouldn’t be too many trainers lurking about… Especially the ace trainers could be so annoying since they never accepted a no for an answer. Awfully pushy people, huh?


"Ah, look— That’s the entrance to Chargestone Cave! I suppose the easy part is over now. ♪" he laughed ever so cheerfully, glancing over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of the redhead. "Try to avoid trainers. They’re really pesky and won’t stop bugging you once they’ve seen you." Just a fair warning to the foreigner, right? Whatever the case, the boy made no intention to stop now. While he liked the cave for what it was, he sure as hell wasn’t looking forward to possible battles that awaited the there.

Gyms did indeed get too much importance, Silver could agree with that; especially with the Pokemon Association that managed them all. Granted the president could only do so much since he was only one person, the Exchanger thought that they could’ve done things better in terms of the gym leaders that got involved in criminal affairs and what they were up to. Gym leaders were held too highly, forgiven too often because they were lacking in people to replace them that were just as skilled as the people they had to get rid of because they weren’t doing what they were supposed to and obeying the laws that put limits on them. He was thinking about three certain gym leaders, of course; one of which had disappeared, he had heard, while the other two remained gym leaders for their respective gyms. Giovanni had been the leader of Team Rocket and no one seemed to suspect a thing until he had it in the open, thus leaving Green to be the gym leader in the meantime. From what he heard from Blue, it was Red who was originally supposed to be the gym leader… But then things went down with Lance and the elite four. Elite four and gym leaders alike got too much credit because of their status, bit wasn’t that how humans went? If they were above them on a completely different status, all they could do was think good of them even when there might have been signs there to show they were bad people. Silver knew things like this easily because he had been raised by one of those overly privileged gym leaders that lied in their faces, so at this point it was easy to tell who was really a friend or foe of the Association… Not that he ever said anything. It wasn’t his place, but it was assured he would be a bit more wary around them if alone.


Ah, there he was referring to his pokemon as friends again… It was a little odd to hear, the heir was willing to admit. Partners was something he heard and what he called his own team of pokemon, but things like family and friends sounded a bit off. While he had little friends, the ones he had he took pride in (though he wouldn’t usually express his feelings particularly well outside of his stoicism) because it assured him he wasn’t completely alone as he used to be. He had changed and evolved, and while he was inept with people still and usually was rather independent, there was an effort there surely. Gold considered his pokemon family, however, so he couldn’t complain or judge the brunet beside him. His words that accompanied such a term was something he only half agreed with. Hm, that was certainly a first that he heard something like that, that was for sure. “Some trainers are like that, yes.” he agreed. “There are people out there that only use pokemon as tools for their own greed; to make themselves feel better under the illusion they’re powerful when in truth they’re hiding behind a pokemon—” Like Team Rocket, for example. “Some of them enjoy being as ruthless as their trainers because that’s how they receive praise, and it’s the very same with gym challenging… But it’s not just the pokemon having to battle. The trainer also has to go under pressure.”

'What if we lose?', 'Will they look to me?', 'Is it my fault because I didn't prepare them enough?'— Humans will often blame themselves if they lose if they’re not in the former category where ruthlessness and absolute power equals praise.” Meaning the good people, the good trainers that weren’t abusive or like that of Team Rocket that only took and hurt others. “If they’re really your friends, I’m sure they’d tell you if they didn’t want to do it anymore like friends usually do, don’t you think?” There was a moment of silence after his words as if he himself had to take them in, just now realizing the extensiveness he dared to speak for once, metallic hues blinking slowly to look at the other beside him before focusing on the road ahead of them.


"But that’s just words, isn’t it…" he mused. "I’m not in any place to tell people what they can and can’t do. If your pokemon are content, then people should consider your actions laudable."

His gaze shifted ahead of them towards Chargestone cave when the brunet spoke up moments later, taking in his words with that same general uncaring expression— though a nod of confirmation was given to show he was listening. In the past, the heir had dealt with trainers like that… But luckily his aura seemed to push them off more often than not, thankfully. He always had a schedule to keep, he had things that were important to do, and if people that wasted their time in a cave waiting for people to pass couldn’t understand that, he wasn’t going to waste his time on them anyways. “I’ll try to keep that in mind when we’re inside, Touya.” Silver answered, continuing to follow after him as they neared the cave.

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Meanwhile in the cold wintry weather of Sinnoh, Diamond was alone in his home as his mother went to get errands. Being that he was alone, the boy felt very restless, deciding to invade the kitchen to make stew. (His mother, Pearl and Missy had now proclaimed him the King of the Kitchen for some reason…?) Since well, stew is like logic of winter days and it warms everybody up right? That’s what he thought as he began cutting up vegetables and taking out the meat. These days like this made him uneasy for some reason. He couldn’t quite explain why—- but it just made feel like moving around. Probably the after effect of travelling around Sinnoh with Pearl and the Missy, and also being in the distortion world for a while…  

The distortion world...’

He thought as he began making the base of the stew. That’s probably the source of all his problems and anxiousness. The chef never spoke about his experiences in the Distortion world as he was quite bodily harmed in anyway, yet …. thinking about it gave him slight strange feeling reeling inside of him.

Or probably… it’s the fact that he, Pearl and the Missy hasn’t interacted in days. Each one of his friends had their own thing to do and it made him kind of lonely, even though he was still close to them as always. Sighing a bit, he slaps his cheeks and continues to concentrate on his stew in fear of over thinking. Sometimes he get a bit overly worried or just plain silly to the point he didn’t understand what he was feeling anymore! It wasn’t a good sign! Diamond is not the guy to worry over things! He’s the person who needs to be okay and happy.

Think of happy things…! Yeah that’s right, happy things lifts the bad mood…!’ He murmured as he began cutting the meat and putting into the stew to stir it all together.

"Happy things. Yeah, happy things such as like um… uh……" He frowns slightly and thinks harder as he stirs some more tasting it.

… Like Proteam Omega, manzai, friends, Pearl, Missy… Pokemon, Mom, food, cooking, baking…, uh…mecha, robots…….


His thoughts were interrupted by a gentle yet cautious knock on the front door almost alarming him. Seeing that he was alone and Mom wasn’t here at the moment, also he was busy cooking stew—-… that leads to…. He stares at the pot and nods happily turning off the heat and taking off his apron into his arms heading to the door opening revealing to the face of one his fellow dexholder and senpai by the name of Silver.

"Silver-san!!" He exclaims with his eyes shining brightly. Dia paused and looked towards the bag the older boy was carrying with interest. The new Proteam Omega magazine…? His eyes were more brighter!

"Sure, Silver-san! Come in, come in! You must be cold! I made stew and well it’s a really huge stew for one person!" He smiles taking the other boy’s arm but then withdraws slightly almost waiting for permission. "Oh and I’ll make hot chocolate for the two of us! Or um something else, if you don’t like chocolate like tea…?"

The first thing that hit him when the door opened was the noticeable warmth inside the house, no doubt from the heating they most likely had on to keep them warm from the cold temperatures outside. Such a warm feeling in contrast to the cold he stood in right now was welcoming, but not as welcoming as the face that appeared when the door to the home he had been bold enough to visit unannounced was. It had been a long time since he had seen Diamond last, so this was the one good thing about his trip to visit this region because Professor Elm had requested it of him. He had already done what was asked of him back in Sandgem town, and since Twinleaf was so close, he dared to come and visit the younger in hopes they would be able to catch up some… For always meeting up just when trouble arose as was the norm with Dexholders, it seemed, never gave much time to play catch up. Waiting for another troublesome thing to pop up could’ve been a while anyway, and he held a certain fondness for the younger because they seemed to share similar interests. Gold and Crystal teased him about it and questioned him, but Diamond was happy about it if anything no matter how childish it might have seemed.

There was a smell that came along with the warmth of the house— Food, no doubt. The younger Dexholder was a gifted chef from what he had heard, though he had never seen it in action himself, but he was going to take their word for it. Diamond was a genuine person, he knew. Over the years, the Exchanger had become a decent judge of character, though he never did underestimate anyone no matter how dumb or how kind they seemed to be. Even upon meeting Gold in the very beginning at Professor Elm’s lab, he didn’t do so and this continued all through the events that transpired at that time that seemed to be so far away now even when it was just a couple of years. Diamond was a kind person, he knew, but the other was most likely not just limited to that.

When his name was spoken in such a cheerful manner, a reserved smile tugged at the Exchanger’s lips. It was a relief to see that he was happy to see him— And what he had brought along with him more-so, but such was to be expected considering what it was. 

Brows raise in slight surprise when Diamond reaches out to grab his arm in what he assumes is to tug him inside, though the Empathizer stopped prematurely in the action and turned to him as if asking for permission to continue his actions. Namesake optics blinked for a moment as if recollecting himself, nodding a little as he accepted the other’s invitation and started to walk with him inside the house. “Thank you, Dia—” He spoke, tone sounding surprisingly kind. “Hot chocolate would be alright, but only if you really want to. I know I kind of showed up unannounced…”

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Cue an exasperated sigh. “Nn… Morning.”


i was trying to draw silv after a really long time but this is all that happened 


i was trying to draw silv after a really long time but this is all that happened 



—he doesn’t even have the will to reply. He’s too famished. “Let’s just say I’m…lacking the energy.”

Lack… Lacking the energy, he said. Namesake optics narrowed a bit in confusion, however it only took seconds before a thought occurred to him. “… Don’t tell me you’re hungry.”

what crappy timing

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"—someone make me food…" There are a few, scarce moments in every man’s life when they’re famished enough to beg in desperation…and this…is one of those moments.


"Are you unable to cook for yourself, or are you lazy?" He’s going to assume the latter.


Well, this was quite pleasant to see that the other was taking note of his explanation and trying to memorise the chosen path as well. It definitely took some responsibility off his shoulders, for he made no secret that he preferred to take care of Pokémon than humans. Humans were irritating and annoying; he despised them for so many reasons. Of course he knew that not all were the same, but could anyone blame him after the experiences he made? Pokémon had never hurt him in the same way people had done so many times. They treated him well, they cared for him! They cared for him more than his blood relatives ever did… The boy sighed under his breath, though it was far too quite to be noticed by anyone without sharp ears. Either way, Touya was content with the reaction he received. At least Silver didn’t seem to be as stupid as most other foreigners he had met over time. They usually managed to piss him off in the span of a few minutes, yet here they still were talking and agreeing to take the same travel route. Who knows? Maybe it could be somewhat enjoyable, even.

Handing the map back, the boy stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jacket while he waited for the other to give some sot of confirmation that they could get started. If they were lucky, yes, it should only take a few hours to get through Chargestone Cave - but if they were unlucky and constantly ran into Pokémon, well, it could easily take up most of the time. And while he didn’t know about Silver, Touya certainly wasn’t the type to travel during nighttime when it wasn’t for a mission. After sunset, all the bad ghosts came out of their holes, haunting the streets and alleys of Unova’s cities — surely, if he wandered the wrong path, people might recognise him as his Lord’s righthand and knight. It wouldn’t do him any good if Silver realised he was travelling with a criminal, thanks a lot.

"Of course, of course! Just leave it to me, I’m pretty familiar with the area. ♪" He had to be, after all! Chargestone Cave would always be a special place for him. There, he had revealed himself to be one of N’s possessions, obediently showing his true colours to Touko, Bianca and the professor. Sometimes, the memory hurt… For reasons, he couldn’t quite explain. It sure was weird, but most of the time he simply pushed the notion aside and focused on other things again. He would do the same right now as well as he took the lead and guided the redhead onto the path that lead out of town. Fortunately Mistralton wasn’t particularly big or swarmed by tourists and foreign trainers. They’d be more unlucky in Driftveil, considering Clay had built the PWT.


"So—" Clearing his throat to attract the other’s attention, the cheerful boy glanced over his shoulder. If they were to travel together, it wouldn’t hurt to do some talking, right? Even small talk could kill some time until they reached the cave. Without a doubt, once they were there, Silver would show an interest into the magnetic stones and the likes. It was always that way, no matter who entered the cave. "What brings you to Unova? I- I really don’t want to be offensive or anything, but you don’t exactly strike me as the type to challenge the gyms here."

Fortunately. Otherwise he would have to shove him down some cliff, yeah.

Silver wasn’t a person that really bothered with wild pokemon outside of when he had to capture them for his team or for someone else because they had requested it. He already had a full team at this point— excluding one that was missing along with his father— and therefore didn’t need to bother capturing any, and Crystal hadn’t requested anything from him before he left because she was too busy with other things. Being an assistant for the Professor was hard work, apparently… But he wasn’t going to complain. Hopefully they would’ve been able to spend time together soon as actual friends. Gold, on the other hand, was just as missing as Giovanni was almost and as soon as the Exchanger found him, he was going to give that golden eyed idiot a piece of his mind. He never knew how to keep in touch anymore nowadays— He really was a complete and utter idiot sometimes. But of course, Silver had his own things to do right now and would worry about his friends at a later date. They weren’t the ones in the wrong place in a faraway region from what they were used to unlike the redhead at the moment. Thankfully Touya was here to guide him to the city he was aiming for…

His attention was brought back to the current time when Touya cleared his throat and spoke up, slate irises focusing on him and taking in his words silently. Wasn’t one for gym challenges, huh… He was right. The last time he held a gym badge in his hand when he had stolen them from all of the Johto gym leaders to get into a certain place where things were going down at the time. Pryce had been most active during that time, but now he was gone. Who knew with him, though; he could’ve still been alive even when he disappeared. Kind of shocking considering how old the man surely was at this point— He just didn’t die.

Maybe he just kept living because he knew in Silver and Blue’s memory, he was still there.

"I consider challenging gyms a waste of my time." he answered stoically. "I have better things to do than doing that sort of thing and will leave it to trainers who intend on becoming champion for whatever reason." Red was the only champion he knew that had battled gyms.

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